Code samples from my projects

Code should be clear, consise, and written so that it is self-documenting as much as possible. I take pride in all the code that I produce.

Online Samples


I’m the maintainer of the MessiJS project. This is a good example of my Javascript skills.

I know Mocha, Grunt, Gulp and Coffeescript. I’m also learning Node.JS.


I created a dynamic website for the Fox Valley Theological Society using Sinatra. Eventually, I converted it to a Jekyll static site.

Other Samples

This first snippet of code contains JavaScript and jQuery functions that control the dynamic scoring of my 2009 Annual Christmas Quiz. When activated, it scores the quiz and highlights both the correct answers and the incorrect answers.

This second code sample is a Kohana controller action from an internal web application. This is code reuse at it’s best. One single controller action to save four (easily expanded to more) different types of form submissions; each to it’s own appropriate database table. The action uses Doctrine as the database access layer (DBAL) and object relational mapping (ORM).

NOTE: This shows my older coding style. Today, I’m an advocate of the PSR-2 code style standard.

This view is from a Kohana web application. This is the corresponding view for the controller. Views incorporate PHP variables with HTML markup.

Note the use of <?php ?> tags inside this older view. Today, I much prefer how Symfony’s Twig and Laravel’s Blade templates incorporate logic and variables into a view.